THE WAR ON TERRA: The New World Order agenda' ... Exposed!

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Recorded at the 2008 Glastonbury Symposium, Ian followed up on The Hidden Agenda (2006) & &lsquoFool me once …’ (2007) with an opening presentation that set the stage for this year’s primary UK Truth event.

Quoting from long forgotten (or deliberately buried?) archive material, Ian presented the evidence which supports his belief that the much vaunted ‘War on Terror’ is, in reality, the implementation of a long planned ‘War on Terra’. In this dynamic and emotive presentation, Ian links the trauma of contrived oil & food shortages with the plan to introduce GM foods, not only to maximize the profitability of a mature oil & gas industry but also to provide a source of additional taxation, for the primary purpose of funding an increasing number of illegal pre-emptive wars.

Moving on to Codex Alimenatrius and the deliberate attempt to get young people addicted to pharmaceuticals at the earliest possible age, Ian discusses the symbiotic relationship between the manufacturers of ‘cardboard food’ and artificial beverages with the manufacturers of control vaccines and drugs such as Ritalin and Prozac … all in the name of creating a compliant ‘zombie nation’.

As the British Government signs legislation legalizing ‘scientific research’ into far-reaching aspects of Genetic Engineering and Trans-genics, Ian presents the ever increasing evidence to support his hypothesis that Humanity is under attack by those who believe that they are the rightful rulers of a global fiefdom.

In 'Fool me once ...' Ian introduced his hypothesis that the 2012 Olympics would provide the backdrop for 'Project ZION', a staged 'False Flag' Fake Alien Invasion. In 'The War on Terra ...', Ian produces further evidence that such an event was discussed by an extreme Right-wing Think-Tank as far back as 1963.

This powerful DVD is essential viewing for all who want to take positive steps to resist the pernicious campaign that Ian terms ‘Bio-Spiritual Warfare’

Running Time: 62mins + Bonus Extras on Denver Murals; Verichip; H.A.A.R.P