Peak Oil Debate

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Rob Hopkins is the founder and self-appointed Leader of the Transition Town movement; a movement which demands its acolytes acknowledge the Transition Town 'Twin Drivers' of Peak Oil and Anthropogenic Climate Change.

Ian R. Crane is a veteran of a twenty year career in International Oilfield Services, who believes that there is no shortage of global oil & gas resources and that the rampant prices increases are the result of Governmental and Corporate manipulation.

Peter Taylor is an Ecologist and Environmentalist who has served as an Environmental advisor to both the UN and the EU. Peter believes that far from being in a period of Global Warming, the planet is actually entering a period of Global Cooling!

Can Rob Hopkins' dogmatic stance on his 'Twin Drivers' stand up to intellectual scrutiny?

This is the debate that the Transition Town leadership have attempted to strike from the record; yet both Ian Crane and Peter Taylor express their support for many Transition Town initiatives. Rob's attachment to Peak Oil and Anthropogenic Climate Change, coupled with his apparent dismissal of Codex Alimentarius raises some very pertinent questions regarding his underlying agenda.

This debate is essential listening in the pursuance of intellectual transparency, honesty and integrity.