Leonid Sharashkin - Re-creating a Garden Planet

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Re-creating a Garden Planet: Putting an End to Environ - Mental Destruction

Leonid Sharashkin

How really did the Paradise get lost ¨D and how to reclaim it? Why, since we started celebrating the Earth Day, has our planet seen the greatest amount of environmental destruction ever? Why is it that despite the thousands of years of spiritual search, humanity has not solved the problems of violence and war? Today we may be on the verge of understanding why.

Answering these (& dozens more) captivating questions, Dr. Leonid Sharashkin explains how our thoughts influence the destiny of the entire planet and how we can free our mind from the images of doom and turn it toward joy and light. He shares powerful practical solutions for transforming your destiny on the spot and taking full responsibility for your life; and it is perhaps more interesting and more fun than you have ever imagined!

Filmed at The Alternative View 3 Event in Bristol - November 2009

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