Financial Terrorism Exposed - 8 DVD Box Set

Price: £34.99

Financial Terrorism Exposed

8 DVD Box Set



John Perkins:

Confessions of an Economic Hitman ... The Debt is NOT Yours to Repay!!

Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert

Shooting From the Hip ... With the Bansters in their Sights!

Alessio Rastani

Your Savings are about to Evaporate ... Strategies to avoid the coming Abyss

F. William Engdahl

The 'gods' of Money ... and their Quest for Global Dominion

Thomas Sheridan

Psychopaths in Public Life ... and in the British Parliament!

Brian Gerrish

MONEY ... The Fuel of Fraud & Corruption

Ian R Crane

Global Monopoly ... It's time WE changed the Rules!


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