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Ian R Crane is an ex-oilfield executive who now lectures, writes and broadcasts on the geo-political webs that are being spun; with particular focus on US Hegemony and the NWO agenda for control of global resources. Read on >>

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Project Zion

Price: £6.99
Availability: Available
Item Type: DVD
Manufacturer: Ian R Crane

Project Zion
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11:11 - It’s time to WAKE UP to who we truly are! – 11:11

As the World plummets into a contrived Financial Meltdown, those who believe themselves to be the Rightful Rulers of a Planetary Fiefdom are convinced that they have a very short Window of Opportunity to establish their One World Government. Their vision is for total control of all planetary resources … including Human Resources, which will be reduced to the chosen 500,000,000. However, things are not going entirely to plan. Obama’s mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski recently identified ‘the Rapid Political Awakening amongst the masses …,” as the biggest obstacle to establishing a One World Government. In 1970 Brzezinski observed that the challenge for Western Governments will be to keep their people locked into Consumerist Materialism, “ … preventing them from realising who they truly are!”

In ‘PROJECT ZION – The Last Best Hope For Peace’, Ian R Crane connects the apparently random pieces of a complex multi-dimensional puzzle; a puzzle which the Ruling Elite believe to be beyond the comprehension of the masses. However, the ‘Rapid Awakening’ is advancing at a phenomenal pace. This DVD presentation probes the deep recesses of the Globalist Agenda and is an important contribution to the Awakening Process.

Running Time: Approx 100 mins

Topics included in this Presentation:

Kuwait Oil Fires; Report From Iron Mountain; Global Warming; Global Governance; Climategate; Politicised Science; Bio-Spiritual Warfare; Zbigniew Brzezinski; Thwarted 2006 Chicago Terror Attacked; Tower Tarot Card; Ritalin; High School Shootings; Genocide of Palestine; Zionist Influence in US Government; SS Occult Research; Operation Paperclip; Skull & Bones; Phi Beta Kappa; Committee of 300; Controlled Oposition; Contrived Economic Meltdown; Financial Terrorism; Gold vs Fiat Currencies; Socio-psychopaths in Leadership; London Bombings; The Watchers; Mount Hermon; Project ZION; Fake Alien Invasion; 2012 London Olympics; Time of Transformation; DMT; 11:11 ... and much more!

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